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Forty-three Years of Educational Excellence for English Learners & Biliteracy for All

March 28 - 31, 2018

Sacramento Convention Center
Sacramento, California 

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Wednesday, March 28

9:30am PDT

10:30am PDT

1:00pm PDT

Dual Language Immersion Programs: Keys to Success in Creating Global Scholars Baker - Sheraton Grand HotelKassandra Dominguez • Jackie Lake Equip, Inform, and Empower: Key-Factors that Contribute to Effective Dual Language Immersion Programs Kamilos - Sheraton Grand HotelMicki Abercrombie-Donahue • Elsie Solis-Chang How Multicultural Tolerance Strengthens Student Engagement Big Sur A - Hyatt Regency HotelNatalia Abarca Leveraging Storytelling to Teach Grammar, Algebra, and More! Compagno - Sheraton Grand HotelJennifer Wadsworth Listening: The Key to Creating Equitable Schools Santa Barbara - Hyatt Regency HotelShane Safir Niños Indigo – Niños Cristal – Un mundo de esperanza 315 - Sacramento Convention CenterHoracio Cortés • María Cortés-Carvajal Parent Perspective: Creative Ways Schools Can Include the Parent Voice 104 - Sacramento Convention CenterAnthony Millican • Manuel Rubio Statewide System of Developing Bilingual/Bicultural Teachers 317 - Sacramento Convention CenterGuillermo Castillo What Do Grades Say About Our English Learners? 319 - Sacramento Convention CenterMaria Cervantes • Lisa Roldan WRITE Institute: Systemic Literacy Practices Tahoe - Hyatt Regency HotelJulie Goldman • Dr. Olympia Kyriakidis Implementing the new state "revolutionary" English Learner Roadmap policy 314 - Sacramento Convention CenterDr. Laurie Olsen Creativity at the Core: ARTS Strategies for Student Engagement and Achievement Grand Nave Magnolia - Sheraton Grand HotelSarah Anderberg • Francisca Sánchez • Hamish Tyler • Emiliano Valdez

2:45pm PDT

Beyond the Seal of Biliteracy: Achieving Biliteracy in Higher Education 105 - Sacramento Convention CenterFernando Estrada • Yalan King • Magaly Lavadenz • Shelly Spiegel-Coleman Collective Teacher Efficacy: The Key to Educational Equity 104 - Sacramento Convention CenterSteve Ventura Access and Use CDE’s Collection of Resources to Support English Learners 304 - Sacramento Convention CenterAlejandro Hernández • Letty Kraus California’s Support for Immigrant Integration 306 - Sacramento Convention CenterJennifer Hernandez • Carmen Martínez-Calderón • Dan Torres Cultivating Culturally Sustaining, Real-world Learning for English Learners 317 - Sacramento Convention CenterDoris Castillo • Alane Paul Castro • San Leandro Unified School District • Sonal Patel Estrategias divertidas para aprender los acentos y practicar la ortografía 203 - Sacramento Convention CenterJosé Ramón Muñoz Family Leadership Institute: Healing Families through Socio-Emotional Learning. 307 - Sacramento Convention CenterConsuelo Kickbusch Global Competence 303 - Sacramento Convention CenterOrganic World Language How to Create Student Engagement with Language Objectives Falor - Sheraton Grand HotelLarry Federico • John Hollingsworth • Joe Ybarra • Silvia Ybarra Incorporating STEAM into Your Classroom Lessons Carr - Sheraton Grand HotelGenius Plaza • Sergio Ramos Información clave para mexicanos en los Estados Unidos: nuevas oportunidades a través del Instituto de los Mexicanos en el Exterior Hall D - Sacramento Convention CenterJuan Carlos Mendoza Sánchez Integration with Other Subjects in a Language Immersion Program 多学科教学在沉浸式项目中的应用 Trinity - Hyatt Regency HotelJing Ren La salud emocional de nuestros estudiantes como base para su éxito académico 204 - Sacramento Convention CenterMaría Teresa Herrera Safe-to-Learn Inquiry: From Teacher Choice to Student Voice Santa Barbara - Hyatt Regency HotelDagny Dingman • Claudia González • Shane Safir “Padres ayudando a sus hij@s en la educación bilingüe con su involucramiento ” Hall E - Sacramento Convention CenterAntoinette Hernandez
Thursday, March 29

10:30am PDT

Using Names as Invaluable Assets in Your Culturally Responsive Practices 309 - Sacramento Convention CenterHuda Essa Advocacy and Support for English Language Learners with Dyslexia Santa Barbara - Hyatt Regency HotelPamela Cohen • Fumiko Hoeft • Leah Zekelman BELIEF: Blueprints for Effective Leadership & Instruction for Our English Learners' Future Regency F - Hyatt Regency HotelMolly McCabe • Alesha Ramírez • Armando Zuniga Blogging in Design Thinking Hendricks - Sheraton Grand HotelBrenda Dizon-Harris Closer Looking: Gateway to Complex Text 314 - Sacramento Convention CenterJoy Wenke Construyendo el carácter en nuestros niños para combatir el “bullying” o acoso Hall E - Sacramento Convention CenterIsabel Lara Cuando el estudiante se enfrenta a otro sistema de educación 308 - Sacramento Convention CenterEsther Cota Jasso • Yara Amparo López López Cultural Competence—Ensuring Equity and Access for all Students and Families 318 - Sacramento Convention CenterJoseph Domingues • Peter Flores • Steve Molina Discovering and Engaging in Dual Language Classroom “探索式”学习在双语教学中的应用 317 - Sacramento Convention CenterJing Ren Don't forget poetry! Teach writing and much more through poetry! Golden State - Hyatt Regency HotelMichele Fortes El Rancho Unified Ethnic Studies Revolution Royal - Sheraton Grand HotelKarling Aguilera Fort • Juventino Gutierrez • Jesus Magdaleno • Christina Mata • Aurora Villon ELLLI—Advocacy is for all of us! 205 - Sacramento Convention CenterPriscilla Figueroa • Norm Gold Enseñando con cantos, cuentos, leyendas, adivinanzas y trabalenguas del folclore. 105 - Sacramento Convention CenterSuni Paz Equity in Technology: Social Empowerment of Bilingual Youth Through Digital Practices 316 - Sacramento Convention CenterLilly Lew High Operational Practices in Emergent Bilingual Settings 202 - Sacramento Convention CenterMaria Sudduth How to Have Successful Classroom Discussions on Diversity Issues 203 - Sacramento Convention CenterLee Mun Wah How to Help EL Students Access Mathematical Text Beavis - Sheraton Grand HotelYun Ji Chai • Angélica Trejo-Ortiz Moving As a Community: Exposure Can Change Children's and Families' Lives 313 - Sacramento Convention CenterJaime Carias Multiple Pathways to Biliteracy and Your LCAP! 306 - Sacramento Convention CenterShelly Spiegel-Coleman Parents as Partners: DELAC and the Hayward USD 301 - Sacramento Convention CenterLuis Covarrubias The Empowerment of the Mexican Diaspora in California: A Binational Effort. 307 - Sacramento Convention CenterConsulate General of Mexico in Sacramento Tu actitud es la clave para una relación saludable 304 - Sacramento Convention CenterTania Maguiña ¡Cómo incrementar la participación de los padres! 104 - Sacramento Convention CenterYamile Cortes-Canon • Yesenia Navarro “Competencias Comunicativas”: Parallels in Purposeful Communication in Mexico and U.S. classrooms Carmel A/B - Hyatt Regency HotelJill Kerper Mora • Diane Taboada An Overview for New Dual Language Immersion Programs Regency E - Hyatt Regency HotelJody Wiencek Art-Centered Literacy for Equity Carr - Sheraton Grand HotelDerek Fenner Transforming Perceptions, Pedagogy and Practice for Advancing Learning in Standard English Learners Regency C - Hyatt Regency HotelNoma LeMoine Yes, I’m a Language Learner and I CAN Write Well. Big Sur A/B - Hyatt Regency HotelMargarita Calderón • Maria N. Trejo Be GLAD! Project GLAD 2-Day Institute Regency A - Hyatt Regency HotelNoshaba Afzal • Marcia Brechtel • Melissa Brooks • Christine D'Aquanni

1:30pm PDT

SEL and ELs: Strategies that Ensure Academic Success for ALL 310 - Sacramento Convention CenterHector Montenegro Building Instructional Leadership for High-Quality Language Learner Programs Royal - Sheraton Grand HotelSonia Munevar Gagnon • Julie Goldman • Dr. Olympia Kyriakidis Designing a Parent Involvement Program to Increase Parent Engagement 104 - Sacramento Convention CenterYamile Cortes-Canon • Yesenia Navarro Driving a New Narrative for Educational Equity and Inclusion 307 - Sacramento Convention CenterAngela Brotherton Educar para motivar: La voz de un padre Hall D - Sacramento Convention CenterZindi Aguirre • María Manríquez • Kenia Perez Leaders in Literacy: Collective Impact Community Literacy Models (Convened by myON) 305 - Sacramento Convention CenterAmy Callahan • Dr. Anabolena Degenna • Karling Aguilera Fort • Doris Linville Padres brillantes 306 - Sacramento Convention CenterHoracio Cortés • María Cortés-Carvajal Padres informados para una educación de calidad 204 - Sacramento Convention CenterMaría Teresa Herrera Responding to a Discriminatory Incident at School 312 - Sacramento Convention CenterLee Mun Wah Secondary Educators' Perceptions of Key Factors to the Academic Success of Latino Els Santa Barbara - Hyatt Regency HotelElsie Solis-Chang The Extraordinary BEAT: Creating a Restorative Culture Through Restorative Practices 302 - Sacramento Convention CenterJahmon Gibbs Unidos a través de la educación – Familias unidas Hall E - Sacramento Convention CenterNinfa Zuno • Secundino Zuno All In! How Educators can Advocate for English Learners Beavis - Sheraton Grand HotelVerónica Miranda-Pinkney • Rodrigo Rodriguez-Tovar, NBCT Identificando y construyendo paz en 9 pasos (hablando y actuando) Regency F - Hyatt Regency HotelRita Mendez-Serrano • Patricia Ramos-Méndez Preparing Highly Qualified Biliterate & Biicultural Teachers for California Schools Bondi - Sheraton Grand HotelJose Cintron • Eracelo Guevara • Eduardo de Léon • Marisol Ruíz

3:15pm PDT

4:45pm PDT

Friday, March 30

10:30am PDT

(Cancelation) Return Migration and Access to Education 103 - Sacramento Convention CenterGretchen Kuhner • Berenice Valdez Rivera Annual Parent Academy: Engaging Parents and Parent Leaders for Student Success 304 - Sacramento Convention CenterScott Anderson • Angélica Maldonado Apoyo y recursos para los estudiantes inmigrantes y refugiados en los Estados Unidos. 307 - Sacramento Convention CenterXilonin Cruz-Gonzalez • María Valencia Building Leadership Through Conversations: The Power of Listening First 303 - Sacramento Convention CenterWilliam Jones • Nicole Kent CLOSE the Vocabulary GAP with the RULE of 3 RAP 314 - Sacramento Convention CenterDebra Johnson • Dr. Martinrex Kedziora • Dr. Linda Navarrette • Sonia Quinn Creating Fun and Engaging Workshops for Parents and Families 301 - Sacramento Convention CenterMonica Peña-Villegas, MSW • Rogelio Villagrana Fortalece Habilidades para la vida y tu convivencia multicultural. Regency F - Hyatt Regency HotelRita Mendez-Serrano • Patricia Ramos-Méndez Individualized Systematic Vocabulary Instruction: The Crucial Bridge to Literacy 316 - Sacramento Convention CenterDanielle Simpson • Wendy Warren Poque se comporta mi hijo asi? Y como afecta su comportamiento en la escuela? Hall EMarissa Lazo-Neco Student Voice: Language and Civic Learning Opportunities 302 - Sacramento Convention CenterJennifer Elemen The Nine Multiple Intelligences 204 - Sacramento Convention CenterFernando Peña The Power of Oracy in Promoting Academic Literacy Grand Nave Gardenia - Sheraton Grand HotelCharlene Fried Transformational Leadership: Bilingual/Bicultural Family Leadership in a Dual Language Immersion Program Tahoe - Hyatt Regency HotelMicki Abercrombie-Donahue • Lisa Vargas You Are Not Alone: Recipes for Success by Parents for Parents 317 - Sacramento Convention CenterOlivia Gallardo Training and Coaching Vocabulary/Academic Language Instruction Grand Nave Camelia - Sheraton Grand HotelMargarita Calderón • Hector Montenegro Cognitive Lab Findings from the California Spanish Assessment Compagno - Sheraton Grand HotelTraci Albee • Danielle Guzman-Orth

1:30pm PDT

Abriendo brecha: un mensaje para los profesores universitarios 318 - Sacramento Convention CenterMaría Guerrero • Michael Guerrero Findings from a Two-Year Grant Using the EL Shadowing App 310 - Sacramento Convention CenterLinda Meyer • Ivannia Soto Raising Bilingual Children Who Succeed In School And Life 306 - Sacramento Convention CenterDr. Nicoline Ambe Be GLAD! (Guided Language Acquisition Design) Awareness 315 - Sacramento Convention CenterAmina Khan • Michele Rasner Combating the Negative Impact of Social Media & Sexploitation at School 204 - Sacramento Convention CenterTate Burns Comprehension Magic: Strategies that Work! PART 1 Tofanelli - Sheraton Grand HotelAngela Barra • Sharon Zinke Critical Examination of Dual Language Educators: Ideology, Pedagogy, Access, and Equity Bataglieri - Sheraton Grand HotelCristina Alfaro • Ana Hernández Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace 309 - Sacramento Convention CenterKenia Cueto Family Partnerships—Putting It All Together—How Research and Practice Come Together 103 - Sacramento Convention CenterMarin Trujillo Lo más reciente sobre DACA, los “Dreamers” y como apoyarlos. Hall E - Sacramento Convention CenterMaría Valencia School Climate and Social Emotional Learning: Teaching from the Inside Out 304 - Sacramento Convention CenterKarina Hartl • Janie Nuanes • Karla Palomino The Hidden Figures of our Lives Baker - Sheraton Grand HotelMarvin Reed Using Scaffolds in English Language Development Digitally: Preliminary NSF Research Results 311 - Sacramento Convention CenterAna Albir • Magdalena Ruz González ¿Qué futuro tiene mi hijo, si recibe servicios de educación especial? 313 - Sacramento Convention CenterRosa Meza-Villaseñor Building commUNITY by Becoming and Creating Allies for Social Justice Big Sur A/B - Hyatt Regency HotelHuda Essa Deriving Language Functions from Common Core English Language Arts Standards Carmel A/B - Hyatt Regency HotelScott Clary • Andrea Thomas Escalando nuestra participación para enriquecer y fortalecer el lugar que habitamos Regency F - Hyatt Regency HotelLaura Marin Bastarrachea • Patricia Ramos-Méndez Skyrocket language skills with interactive structures for active engagement. Regency C - Hyatt Regency HotelTom Searl Thinking Together: Solutions for our Troubled and/or Gang-Associated Young People Regency D - Hyatt Regency HotelJesse Delacruz • Edgar Lampkin • Nancy Jean Smith

3:15pm PDT

Accelerating Membership: Six Best Practices in Supporting the CABE Vision 317 - Sacramento Convention CenterSonya Sharififard Be GLAD® Spanish Dual Language/Programa de Inmersión GLAD en Español 315 - Sacramento Convention CenterAnisa Arain • Christine D'Aquanni Californians Together: Time to Think Big for English Learners 202 - Sacramento Convention CenterMartha Zaragoza Díaz • Martha Hernández • Magaly Lavadenz • Shelly Spiegel-Coleman Comprehension Magic: Strategies the Work! PART 2 Tofanelli - Sheraton Grand HotelAngela Barra Destrezas de automanejo para ayudar a los jóvenes a ser triunfadores 306 - Sacramento Convention CenterMaría Reifler Help ELs Access Complex Texts Through a Text Deconstructing Strategy Bondi - Sheraton Grand HotelYun Ji Chai • Angélica Trejo-Ortiz How to Select and Teach Academic Vocabulary in Every Lesson Falor - Sheraton Grand HotelLarry Federico • John Hollingsworth • Joe Ybarra • Silvia Ybarra Instructional Leadership for Chinese Language Programs Royal - Sheraton Grand HotelDr. Olympia Kyriakidis Latinx Graduate Student Research: Biliteracy and Multilingual Perspectives Compagno - Sheraton Grand HotelRhianna Casesa • Melissa Navarro • Elizabeth Orona • Lyn Scott Partners in Creativity: A Family Conversation Series 319 - Sacramento Convention CenterBlanca Rodriguez • Ana Rosas SEP academic offer for mexicans abroad and in Mexico 307 - Sacramento Convention CenterBenito Mirón López Social Justice Principles in Classrooms with Bilingual Students Tahoe - Hyatt Regency HotelGrace Cornell Gonzales • Pilar Mejía

4:45pm PDT

Saturday, March 31

9:00am PDT

3 Qualities of Outstanding Educators 103 - Sacramento Convention CenterDr. Nicoline Ambe Como ayudar a sus hijos a llegar y pagar la universidad Hall E - Sacramento Convention CenterDr. Lettie Ramírez The Art of Language Arts: Illustration Supporting Literacy and Culture 104 - Sacramento Convention CenterJoe Cepeda A Differentiated Plan for Supporting Dual Language Immersion Teachers McGinnis - Sheraton Grand HotelHeather Michel • Alison Williams Cafecito: The Power of Parents and Community Getting Together. Ventura - Hyatt Regency HotelKim Harvell • Matt Nagle • Lourdes Romo Disciplina con dignidad siete días a la semana Carr - Sheraton Grand HotelJorge Dueñas MasteryTrack: A Consistent Approach for Mastery-Based Learning in English, Spanish, and Mandarin Bondi - Sheraton Grand HotelScott Ellis Students as Ethnographers: Funds of Knowledge in a Migrant Community Big Sur A - Hyatt Regency HotelAraceli Calderon • Sarah Fonte The Commission on Languages and DLI: Where are We Now? Bataglieri - Sheraton Grand HotelJoint National Committee for Languages Use Discourse to Access Language and Mathematics for English Learners Baker - Sheraton Grand HotelSusie Hakansson What Every Parent Should Know About Special Education Compagno - Sheraton Grand HotelDr. Veronica Aguila • Theresa Hawk Engaging English Learners in Today's Classroom Grand Nave Gardenia - Sheraton Grand HotelTom Searl Entrenamiento lo que las familias necesitan saber del Dashboard /LCAP de California. Golden State - Hyatt Regency HotelLaura Díaz Equality, Equity, and Engagement for English Learners Regency A - Hyatt Regency HotelNivia Gallardo • José Lalas • Heidi Strikwerda • Mary Helen Ybarra

10:45am PDT


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