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Forty-three Years of Educational Excellence for English Learners & Biliteracy for All

March 28 - 31, 2018

Sacramento Convention Center
Sacramento, California 

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Friday, March 30

8:30am PDT

10:30am PDT

A New Generation of Authors and Their Awarded Books 306 - Sacramento Convention CenterAlma Flor Ada • Isabel Campoy Cross-Linguistic Sound-Spelling Transfer 315 - Sacramento Convention CenterJorge Cuevas Antillon • Laura Casey McAllister • Silvia Dorta-Duque de Reyes Developing and Employing Powerful Practices: Helping Every Bilingual Student Achieve Success in Reading Comprehension and Vocabulary Acquisition 308 - Sacramento Convention CenterDonna Knoell Guiding Principles for Dual Language Education, 3rd Edition Regency A - Hyatt Regency HotelElizabeth Howard • David Rogers (Cancelation) Return Migration and Access to Education 103 - Sacramento Convention CenterGretchen Kuhner • Berenice Valdez Rivera Academia de liderazgo para los padres: Empoderando a familias para fortalecer nuestra comunidad 310 - Sacramento Convention CenterAlejandra Barboza • Araceli Chávez • Ana Escamilla • Natividad Vasquez Annual Parent Academy: Engaging Parents and Parent Leaders for Student Success 304 - Sacramento Convention CenterScott Anderson • Angélica Maldonado Apoyo y recursos para los estudiantes inmigrantes y refugiados en los Estados Unidos. 307 - Sacramento Convention CenterXilonin Cruz-Gonzalez • María Valencia Applying the Quality Professional Learning Standards (QPLS) to Cultivate Educator Excellence 205 - Sacramento Convention CenterAngie Ford • Marcia Trott Building Leadership Through Conversations: The Power of Listening First 303 - Sacramento Convention CenterWilliam Jones • Nicole Kent Canciones y cuentos para aprender a leer 104 - Sacramento Convention CenterLada Kratky CLOSE the Vocabulary GAP with the RULE of 3 RAP 314 - Sacramento Convention CenterDebra Johnson • Dr. Martinrex Kedziora • Sonia Quinn • Linda Ventriglia-Navarrette Cognitively Guided Instruction (CGI): Inviting All Learners to Develop Deep Mathematical Concepts 318 - Sacramento Convention CenterKaren Recinos Creating Fun and Engaging Workshops for Parents and Families 301 - Sacramento Convention CenterMonica Peña-Villegas, MSW • Rogelio Villagrana Deepening Teacher Knowledge of the ELD Standards and ELA/ELD Framework 105 - Sacramento Convention CenterRita Pope • Stacey Tran Dual Language Essentials: Curriculum Planning, Classroom Organization and Lesson Delivery. Kamilos - Sheraton Grand HotelDr. Sandra Mercuri Dual Language Immersion: Benefits, Structure, Best Practices Regency D - Hyatt Regency HotelAni Gerigorian • Narine Shakhramanyan El proceso de escritura no es de prisa 313 - Sacramento Convention CenterMagdalena Ruz González English Learners and Academic Language Academies McGinnis - Sheraton Grand HotelJordan Goines • Leslie Ruvalcaba Enseñanza Recíproca: una estrategia poderosa para lectroescritura Regency C - Hyatt Regency HotelJorge Cuevas Antillon Estrellita: Building a Reading Foundation in Spanish for EL and SL Students Regency B - Hyatt Regency HotelElise Lasko Iglesias Experiencia de Educación Tricultural del INEA Hall D - Sacramento Convention CenterGerardo Molina Álvarez Fortalece Habilidades para la vida y tu convivencia multicultural. Regency F - Hyatt Regency HotelRita Mendez-Serrano • Patricia Ramos-Méndez Individualized Systematic Vocabulary Instruction: The Crucial Bridge to Literacy 316 - Sacramento Convention CenterDanielle Simpson • Wendy Warren Integrated English Language Development & Strategies for the Secondary Math Class 201 - Sacramento Convention CenterTraci Lewin • Nicole Vásquez Interdisciplinary Language Teaching through Urban Ecology and Project-Based Learning 305 - Sacramento Convention CenterElvira Armas Music for the Dual Language Learners at the Early Childhood Levels. Golden State - Hyatt Regency HotelGilberto Soto One Easy Tip To Help Your ELs Engage in Academic Conversations Santa Barbara - Hyatt Regency HotelMaya Goodall Planning and Implementing a Strong, Successful, and Sustainable Elementary Dual Language Immersion Program Regency E - Hyatt Regency HotelRubi Flores • Kris Nicholls Poque se comporta mi hijo asi? Y como afecta su comportamiento en la escuela? Hall EMarissa Lazo-Neco Quiero ayudar pero no se como. Tengo vergüenza y me da pena. 309 - Sacramento Convention CenterKenia Cueto Recursos para la enseñanza de español en la escuela primaria (K-6) 311 - Sacramento Convention CenterMaría de los Reyes Ferreras Student Voice: Language and Civic Learning Opportunities 302 - Sacramento Convention CenterJennifer Elemen Teaching Secondary English Learners How to Corroborate Evidence-Based Historical Claims Trinity - Hyatt Regency HotelMaggie Beddow, Ph.D. The Nine Multiple Intelligences 204 - Sacramento Convention CenterFernando Peña The Power of Oracy in Promoting Academic Literacy Grand Nave Gardenia - Sheraton Grand HotelCharlene Fried Transformational Leadership: Bilingual/Bicultural Family Leadership in a Dual Language Immersion Program Tahoe - Hyatt Regency HotelMicki Abercrombie-Donahue • Lisa Vargas Transforming Biliteracy Education Through Leveled Reading 312 - Sacramento Convention CenterLee & Low Books • Dr. Barbara Flores Writing Through the Lens of EL Students with IEPs 319 - Sacramento Convention CenterVelma Vetih You Are Not Alone: Recipes for Success by Parents for Parents 317 - Sacramento Convention CenterOlivia Gallardo ¡Padres Empoderados Listos para Involucrarse! Royal - Sheraton Grand HotelDeeAnn Antonini • Mayra Perez Structuring Rigorous Academic ELD Interactions That Engage Reticent Contributors Grand Nave Magnolia - Sheraton Grand HotelDr. Kate Kinsella Leading with Learning: Implementing California's ELA/ELD Framework through Comprehensive Professional Learning Model Carr - Sheraton Grand HotelDanielle Garegnani • Liz Jaymeson • Marianne Justus • Pamela Spycher Training and Coaching Vocabulary/Academic Language Instruction Grand Nave Camelia - Sheraton Grand HotelMargarita Calderón • Hector Montenegro Close Reading for K-2 Bataglieri - Sheraton Grand HotelMarie Echaves Cognitive Lab Findings from the California Spanish Assessment Compagno - Sheraton Grand HotelTraci Albee • Danielle Guzman-Orth Desarrollando vocabulario académico a través de experiencias científicas Hendricks - Sheraton Grand HotelGabriela Mendoza-Torres Dual Language Immersion: A District Journey from One School to Six Falor - Sheraton Grand HotelJesse Chavarria • Magaly Rodriguez Elementary Biliteracy Classrooms: Connecting Thematic Spanish Content with Designated ELD Bondi - Sheraton Grand HotelAlberto Nodal • Patricia Montes Pate • Heather Skibbins Expanding the Space and Practice for Chinese Literacy through Immersion Clark - Sheraton Grand HotelMichele Aoki • Chan Lu • Shuhan Wang Navigating the Narrative: Learning the Language of Stories Beavis - Sheraton Grand HotelAlesha Ramírez Promoting Biliteracy for All through a Spanish-English Biliteracy Transferability Framework Baker - Sheraton Grand HotelLILIANA AGUAS • Angélica Pérez Unraveling the Distinction Between Integrated and Designated ELD Tofanelli - Sheraton Grand HotelEdD • Laura Jasso

1:30pm PDT

A Toolkit of Strategies for Effective Spanish Writing Instruction 316 - Sacramento Convention CenterJill Kerper Mora Abriendo brecha: un mensaje para los profesores universitarios 318 - Sacramento Convention CenterMaría Guerrero • Michael Guerrero Findings from a Two-Year Grant Using the EL Shadowing App 310 - Sacramento Convention CenterLinda Meyer • Ivannia Soto Mini Shared Reading As a Bridge to Proficient Reading 307 - Sacramento Convention CenterDr. Barbara Flores Raising Bilingual Children Who Succeed In School And Life 306 - Sacramento Convention CenterDr. Nicoline Ambe Apprenticing Our Language Learners: Disciplinary Literacy and the CA ELD Standards Trinity - Hyatt Regency HotelRichard Romero Be GLAD! (Guided Language Acquisition Design) Awareness 315 - Sacramento Convention CenterAmina Khan • Michele Rasner Combating the Negative Impact of Social Media & Sexploitation at School 204 - Sacramento Convention CenterTate Burns Comprehension Magic: Strategies that Work! PART 1 Tofanelli - Sheraton Grand HotelAngela Barra • Sharon Zinke Constructing Global Perspectives and DLI instructional Strategies under ACTFL's 5Cs Royal - Sheraton Grand HotelHai Ying Ma • Yongzhen Wu Creating, Using and Improving Bilingual/Dual Language Classroom Resources Online Beavis - Sheraton Grand HotelAlejandro Valtierra Critical Examination of Dual Language Educators: Ideology, Pedagogy, Access, and Equity Bataglieri - Sheraton Grand HotelCristina Alfaro • Ana Hernandez Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace 309 - Sacramento Convention CenterKenia Cueto ELD Strategies Are Not Just for ELD & ELA Time! McGinnis - Sheraton Grand HotelMarie Echaves Engaging Oral Language (EOL for ELD) 305 - Sacramento Convention CenterConnie Casagranda-Williams Enseñar la lectura y la escritura: Una propuesta integradora Kamilos - Sheraton Grand HotelDr. Sandra Mercuri Exploring Formative Reading Assessments from a Biliteracy Lens Compagno - Sheraton Grand HotelAllison Briceno • Adria Klein Family Partnerships—Putting It All Together—How Research and Practice Come Together 103 - Sacramento Convention CenterMarin Trujillo How to Use LCFF & LCAPs to Advance English Learner Equity 301 - Sacramento Convention CenterRaquel Simental • Natalie Wheatfall • Leni Wolf Identificación del acoso escolar o “bullying” desde una edad temprana. 104 - Sacramento Convention CenterSulay Jaramillo Inspiring English Learners with Fun, Project-Based Learning 105 - Sacramento Convention CenterMeredith Lynn Introducing the Most Powerful EL Data Search Tool in the World 205Teddy Rice Lo más reciente sobre DACA, los “Dreamers” y como apoyarlos. Hall E - Sacramento Convention CenterMaría Valencia Mexican Textbooks for Bilingual Education 312 - Sacramento Convention CenterArturo Ancona • Antonio Araige Morning Message: Improving L1 and L2 Writing Conventions in the Primary-Intermediate Grades Falor - Sheraton Grand HotelLilia Cisneros • Aracelli Escobar • Nadeen Ruiz • Amber Sousa Purposeful Teaching: Anti-bullying Curriculum for English Learners 308 - Sacramento Convention CenterElizabeth Villalpando School Climate and Social Emotional Learning: Teaching from the Inside Out 304 - Sacramento Convention CenterKarina Hartl • Janie Nuanes • Karla Palomino Strategies for Newcomers in Secondary 319 - Sacramento Convention CenterMegan James Supporting At-Risk and Long-Term English Learners' Agency through Student Meetings 303 - Sacramento Convention CenterMelanie Morales-Van Hecke Tackling Chinese Literacy with a Leveled Reading Platform Clark - Sheraton Grand HotelMichele Aoki • Stephanie Chen • Feng Zhou The Hidden Figures of our Lives Baker - Sheraton Grand HotelMarvin Reed The Researcher's Notebook 201 - Sacramento Convention CenterElena Gillespie • Nancy Rojas • Melissa Showman The TALLK Project: Coaching Preschool Teachers of Dual Language Learners Hendricks - Sheraton Grand HotelJenn Guerrero • Elena Janred • Patricia Rendon Tu puedes terminar tu primaria o secundaria en español desde Estados Unidos. Hall D - Sacramento Convention CenterGerardo Molina Álvarez Using Scaffolds in English Language Development Digitally: Preliminary NSF Research Results 311 - Sacramento Convention CenterAna Albir • Magdalena Ruz González ¿Qué es el programa de desarrollo juvenil 4-H? 302 - Sacramento Convention CenterJosé Campos • Stephen Fowler • Araceli Hernandez ¿Qué futuro tiene mi hijo, si recibe servicios de educación especial? 313 - Sacramento Convention CenterRosa Meza-Villaseñor Building commUNITY by Becoming and Creating Allies for Social Justice Big Sur A/B - Hyatt Regency HotelHuda Essa Music and Movement to Enhance Learning Golden State - Hyatt Regency HotelJosé Luis Orozco California English Learner Roadmap 314 - Sacramento Convention CenterElena Fajardo • Gina Garcia-Smith Deriving Language Functions from Common Core English Language Arts Standards Carmel A/B - Hyatt Regency HotelScott Clary • Andrea Thomas Enseñanza de la Ortografía: Normas, Puntuación y Acentuación Regency A - Hyatt Regency HotelFrancisco Pérez Duque Escalando nuestra participación para enriquecer y fortalecer el lugar que habitamos Regency F - Hyatt Regency HotelLaura Marin Bastarrachea • Patricia Ramos-Méndez Secondary Dual Language Immersion Institute Regency E - Hyatt Regency HotelRubi Flores • Kris Nicholls Skyrocket language skills with interactive structures for active engagement. Regency C - Hyatt Regency HotelTom Searl The Author Project = LTEL Success Regency B - Hyatt Regency HotelElizabeth Jimenez Thinking Together: Solutions for our Troubled and/or Gang-Associated Young People Regency D - Hyatt Regency HotelJesse Delacruz • Edgar Lampkin • Nancy Jean Smith

3:15pm PDT

Bilingual and Biliteracy Development in Preschool and the Early Grades: Implications for Dual Language Programs 310 - Sacramento Convention CenterKathryn Lindholm-Leary Cultivating Oral Language and Literacy Talent in Students 301 - Sacramento Convention CenterDr. Rebecca Bergey Lead for EL Excellence in Every Classroom Every Day 311 - Sacramento Convention CenterTonya Ward Singer A 3-Piece Puzzle for Parent Engagement 103 - Sacramento Convention CenterJuan Pablo Bautista • Beth Ann Davis • Bonifacio Hernandez Accelerating Membership: Six Best Practices in Supporting the CABE Vision 317 - Sacramento Convention CenterSonya Sharififard Be GLAD® Spanish Dual Language/Programa de Inmersión GLAD en Español 315 - Sacramento Convention CenterAnisa Arain • Christine D'Aquanni Best Practices in Spanish Literacy Intervention and Assessment Program Beavis - Sheraton Grand HotelRebecca Carranza Californians Together: Time to Think Big for English Learners 202 - Sacramento Convention CenterMartha Zaragoza Díaz • Martha Hernández • Magaly Lavadenz • Shelly Spiegel-Coleman Classroom-Tested Resources for AP Chinese Teaching and Learning Clark - Sheraton Grand HotelFannie Tam • Wenjing Xie Coaching Teachers to Support Academic Conversations in Designated ELD 305 - Sacramento Convention CenterElizabeth S. Rozich Comprehension Magic: Strategies the Work! PART 2 Tofanelli - Sheraton Grand HotelAngela Barra Desarrollando el liderazgo de los padres/familias por medio de centros multilingües/multiculturales 308 - Sacramento Convention CenterDalila Avila • Susana Canseco • David Hernandez Destrezas de automanejo para ayudar a los jóvenes a ser triunfadores 306 - Sacramento Convention CenterMaría Reifler Educator Support for Immigrant and Refugee Students 203 - Sacramento Convention CenterXilonin Cruz-Gonzalez • Deborah Escobedo • Sally Kinoshita • María Valencia Empowering Students and Parents through Seesaw in a Dual Language Immersion Classroom 318 - Sacramento Convention CenterNancy Delgadillo • Heidemarie Help ELs Access Complex Texts Through a Text Deconstructing Strategy Bondi - Sheraton Grand HotelYun Ji Chai • Angélica Trejo-Ortiz How to Select and Teach Academic Vocabulary in Every Lesson Falor - Sheraton Grand HotelLarry Federico • John Hollingsworth • Joe Ybarra • Silvia Ybarra Instructional Leadership for Chinese Language Programs Royal - Sheraton Grand HotelDr. Olympia Kyriakidis Latinx Graduate Student Research: Biliteracy and Multilingual Perspectives Compagno - Sheraton Grand HotelRhianna Casesa • Melissa Navarro • Elizabeth Orona • Lyn Scott Media Making, Sharing and Academic Language Scaffolds for Long-Term English Learners 105 - Sacramento Convention CenterRicardo Elizalde Palabras ilustres para guiar la escritura Baker - Sheraton Grand HotelLilia Sarmiento Partners in Creativity: A Family Conversation Series 319 - Sacramento Convention CenterBlanca Rodriguez • Ana Rosas Reciprocal Teaching: Using Research-Based Reading Comprehension Strategies to Support ELD. 303 - Sacramento Convention CenterRhianna Casesa Refining and Aligning Integrated and Designated English Language Development 313 - Sacramento Convention CenterOlivia Amador • Erick Casallas Relational Family Engagement with Linguistically Diverse Preschool Families 104 - Sacramento Convention CenterJenine Schmidt • Ann-Marie Wiese Research on Promoting, Cultivating, and Sustaining Effective Dual Language Programs Santa Barbara - Hyatt Regency HotelTeresa Huerta • Mathew Merrill • Jessica Miguel • María Valdez SEP academic offer for mexicans abroad and in Mexico 307 - Sacramento Convention CenterBenito Mirón López Social Justice Principles in Classrooms with Bilingual Students Tahoe - Hyatt Regency HotelGrace Cornell Gonzales • Pilar Mejía Teaching Grammar & Vocabulary with Mentor Text 302 - Sacramento Convention CenterNydia Cerecer • Graciela Chávez The California Education for a Global Economy (EdGE) Initiative: Next Steps 205 - Sacramento Convention CenterLorrie Kelling The New Way of Looking at Mathematics and Implications for English Learners Kamilos - Sheraton Grand HotelEmma Sanchez • Jeffrey Thiel Turn Your Classroom Into a Fully Integrated Learning Zone! 312 - Sacramento Convention CenterMolly Holiday Using English and Spanish Assessment Data to Personalize Learning Bataglieri - Sheraton Grand HotelDr. Carol Johnson Valores de la Familia. Establecer Reglas y Limites para Criar Adultos Felices y Exitosos. Hall E - Sacramento Convention CenterIsabel Lara

4:45pm PDT


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